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We work hard for our money.

Whether you are a doctor, a construction worker or checkout clerk we all work to make money and then use that money to enrich our lives. In this Smith vs. Jones World we live in it has become who has the better, bigger, newest object. In the end however, these objects provide very little long term satisfaction in our lives.

We are starting a new trend, a trend to gain long term satisfaction through experiences and not collection. Who remembers the first day they got an ipod? The first time you played Xbox? The first day you wore your Michael Kors shoes? Now, who remembers their first airline ride? Their first trip to Disney? Their first encounter in a Country where English/French was not the first language? Do you see the difference. Although the anticipation of the newest
‘thing” can be quite exciting, once the item is yours, your level of excitement, your vision of ownership become dulled. Its just another item in your

The value of the money spent depreciates quite quickly while your travel experiences stay with you. You remember seeing things for the first time, falling in love with a landscape, laughing at trying to converse in different languages, eating your first exotic fruit. Your travel experience enriches your life. The memories of your travel experiences stay with you forever. Your knowledge in history, culture, language, geography appreciates in value. That is money well spent

We are making a large change in the value of our discretionary income. We are becoming aware that with travel technology advancement (faster airlines, growing rail networks, International booking engines) the World has become smaller. With easier access to those dream destinations your “bucket list” or
“experience list” are more realistic to complete. You don’t have to follow the norm and book your typical 7 day all inclusive in the Caribbean anymore.
Getaways to Disney and New York City don’t have to be the fallback. There are many companies now offering adventures/experiences to suit all your dreams.

Orleans Travel & Cruise Centre is changing with the times as well. Already well versed in all inclusive vacations, cruises, and quick getaways, we are now going out and learning first hand what the new “Experience Travel” can offer you. We have done exploring in Costa Rica, cruising down the European rivers, walked with hounds and participated in falconry in Ireland. We have stayed in 13th century castles and based ourselves in tucked away Italian
villas and visited mountain top walled cities. We have toured the Napa and Sonoma valleys, trying the various wineries. Our expertise in experiences
is growing immensely and we look forward to enriching your lives as well.

With our trusted partners in the new experience travel products, we can get you to your dream destination and get you there in almost any budget you have. We have products for the 18-35 yr olds, National Geographic sponsored trips, Independent travel itineraries, lavish river cruise options, tenting safaris and so much more. Call us or drop in and see us and we will work diligently to enrich your lives

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