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You work hard all year for your 7 day vacation. With only 168 hours to rejuvenate your soul, every minute counts. Here are a few tips to get all you can out of your vacation.

DIRECT FLIGHTS – A direct flight can save you many hours of travel time. A typical direct flight from Toronto to Jamaica is 4 hours. A connecting flight averages 7 hrs. The direct flight saves you 3 hrs in each direction. If you book early enough the direct flight should be same price as connecting flight as it’s the direct flights that book up first.

TRAVEL LIGHT – Try to pack light and get away with just your carry on. If you pack coordinating pants, shorts, tops and minimalize shoes, it is possible. Most resorts have laundry service and you can always wear those souvenir clothes you purchase at the gift shop. Average waiting time time collect your bags from the carousel is 45 minutes. You can also jump ahead of the masses going through immigration saving another average of 20 minutes.

PRIVATE TRANSFERS – reserve your private shuttle in advance or hop into a cab to get you to your resort as quickly as possible. If you are in a heavily resort filled area, your included shuttle service could be making a multitude of stops for passengers including the unloading of their luggage. The average shared shuttle service to go 10km to a resort is 1.5 hrs. A private shuttle is appx is 15 minutes

RESORTS CLOSE TO AIRPORT – Most airports are quite a distance away from the resort section so ask your agent to get rates for resorts as close as possible to the airport. You can be first off and last on with the shuttle and while you are sipping a pina colada others are still on the bus getting to their resort.

FAMILIAR DESTINATIONS/RESORTS – It is always great to explore new destinations but at the same time it is stressful as well. Where are the restaurants, where are the public washrooms, where do I get pool towels, where is the spa etc. Statistics show that it takes appx 36 hrs for people to “settle in “ to a new resort. If you travel to a resort you have been to before, you know where everything is and maybe who everyone is as well. No stress, you are back home.

TRAVEL NORTH/SOUTH – With a limited amount of time try to stay as close to your time zone as possible. If you travel Ottawa-St Lucia you are staying in the same time zone, so a 6 hr flight is 6 hrs of your day. However, if you travel Ottawa-London UK its also a 6 hr flight But you are crossing 5 time zones so you now have to deal with jet lag which will affect at least 2-3 days of your trip, in both directions!

VIP LOUNGES – make the most of your airport experience. Places like Cuba and Jamaica have special VIP Clubs where you can fast track through immigration (Like the USA-Canada NEXUS Card) and also provides fast track on your exit along with a business class style lounge where you can get in a bit of facebooking, a drink or two and some hot food

Orleans Travel & Cruise Centre can save you time, money and stress in your vacation bookings. Call or email us now to get your next adventure booked.

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