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Beating jet lag

Beating Jet Lag

It’s exciting knowing you are heading off to a new discovery thousands of kilometres away. You build yourself up with anticipation waiting for the minute you step into the new Country. You board the plane and get settled in, eat the complimentary late dinner and watch a movie from the seat back screen, talk about all the places you are want to visit and before you know it, you’ve arrived.

You also feel like your eyes weigh 100 kg and your head is pounding like a sledgehammer. Welcome to Jet Lag.

There is no 100% cure all for jet lag but there are proven methods to reduce your jetlag. Here are the best steps to take

START YOUR TIME ZONE CHANGE 2-3 DAYS BEFORE Its a hard shock to your physical and mental being jumping 5-9 hrs and trying to fit into the
new time zone. Start a few days before getting up 2-3 hrs earlier and going to bed 2-3 hrs earlier. This will start getting your body adjusted to
the timezone you are going into.

SWITCH YOUR WATCH TO NEW TIMEZONE. Doing this will give you a reminder and a mind set of where the day is when you arrive, you are preparing your brain for the new schedule
HYDRATE. When you are on the plane keep yourself hydrated. This means NO alcohol. That dehydrates you and leave you with a headache. Lots of water will keep you hydrated on the plane where the air is very dry. You want to keep your body as stress free as possible

EAT LIGHT. Same concept, a heavy meal means your body has to work hard at digesting and with you being fairly stagnant on a plane you are not helping your body burn those excessive calories. Try to stick to light foods for an easier flight
SLEEP. Again you are jumping into a timezone that is drastically different than the one you are accustomed to so the more sleep you get, the more refreshed you will be. Also WEAR EYEMASK. There is a lot of action going on in the plane so block out your eyes so you can get a fuller sleep.
WALK Once you arrive at your destination, get outside as much as possible the first day. Your body thrives on oxygen so get outside and get some fresh air and re energize your body

STAY UP On your first day try to stay up until at least 8pm. Its not too early so that you wake up at 3 am feeling ready to start the day but also not too late that you are stumbling around your destination like a lost zombie.

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